BIW Namings

Alfie at play!
I offer a ceremony to parents as an alternative to a traditional christening.

All parents are so proud and whether this is your new born baby, your infant, adopted child, you all wish to welcome this person into your family and be proud as you celebrate your commitment to them.

You decide the venue and I will meet with you and write a ceremony as special as your child.

We will meet and discuss ideas, music, readings, poetry and special elements that best suit your family. I will deliver the ceremony along with members of the family and or friends who may also wish to take part.

Any parent can arrange a naming ceremony whether they are married or not. Irrespective of spiritual, religious or cultural backgrounds.

You will be able to make promises to each other and your child. Supporting adults, members of the family can do the same.
You can add some very special elements to the day that a traditional christening wouldn't offer.

It might be nice to add a renewal of vows or commitment ceremony? You can even add this ceremony to your Wedding Ceremony.

The choices are endless.

Your ceremony can be held at a venue of your choice.
It should be noted that the naming ceremony and certificate hold no legal status. Yet it will mean so much.

Professional Fees include:

Consultation (allow 60 – 90 minutes)
Unlimited telephone calls/skype
Draft ceremony
Liaison with the venue
Copy of ceremony to keep
Delivery of your bespoke ceremony

Please take a look at the special elements BIW Menu for ideas to include in your bespoke ceremony.

Contact me for any further information, I'm happy to help.